Congratulations on the launch of Chiping Jingda Wood Co.



Congratulations to Chiping Jingda Wood Co., Ltd. on the launch of their website! Founded in 2003 and rebuilt in 2015, Chiping Jingda Wood Co., Ltd. has formed a complete industrial system from R&D, design, marketing to after-sales. The company has a record registration certificate for the production of bamboo-based flooring issued by the Inspection and Testing Bureau of Shandong Province. Over the years, the company has had business dealings with more than 30 countries and has stable customers. Our products are trusted by customers at home and abroad. The company has independent intellectual property rights of product brands, "Jingda", "Qianhuijia" and "Xianghuishan" have dealers all over the country, forming a network of different regions, different products and different brands. We have formed a network sales pattern of different regions, products and brands.