Details of PVC flooring construction methods



PVC flooring is a new material with highlights in the home decoration industry and is favoured by the general public due to its environmental advantages. For constructors, mastering the right construction methods can achieve high efficiency and consumer satisfaction. Today, we share with you the details of PVC flooring construction methods.

One: Method

1. first the volume flat on the ground, the half volume flat on the ground, and then the glue coated in half of the volume on the ground, pay attention to the uniform application, not only to pay attention to the accuracy of the process, but also to pay attention to the speed when coating the piece, even if the volume of good PVC flooring as soon as possible evenly on it, if the glue contacted the air, the glue not only to pay attention to the accuracy of the process, but also to pay attention to the speed, even if the PVC floor is as soon as possible evenly laid on top to prevent the glue from coming into contact with air. The solvent in the glue evaporates and loses its viscosity after curing. When gluing, care should be taken to push the flooring forward by hand to ensure that all sections are evenly spread so that the flooring can be tiled.

2. After the general panelling has started, in the same way that the front half of the floor will not stick up, apply the glue and then apply the tiles. After tiling, roll with a roller as quickly as possible. This helps the floor to bond tightly to the ground and makes the most of the adhesive.

3. After laying the tiles, shall thoroughly clean the surface of the paving and some residue and dirt around it, after cleaning the glue between the floor and the floor as well as some oil, also use the welding torch to weld the gap, this time, be careful to avoid using a lot of water to clean the dirt on the floor, use some dry rags to simply clean to prevent damage to the floor just built.

II. Cleaning

After construction, allow it to dry naturally for approximately 10 days before you start cleaning all dirt with large amounts of water on a large scale. Normally, the main maintenance of the PVC floor is to gently wipe away the dirt with some dry rags, trying not to bring some dirt and grease onto the floor and not to pay attention to something hot touching the floor.

III. Matters needing attention

Laminate flooring on the ground level requirements are very low, whether it is a smooth ground or a linen surface, as long as relatively flat, can be laid directly. If the floor of several rooms is not on a flat surface, the drop should not be greater than 15 mm when special accessories can be used to snap the natural slope transition. The value requirement for the flatness of a solid wood floor is that there must be no difference greater than 3 mm within a local area of 1 square metre, otherwise the floor needs to be level.

The floor must be dry and the cement must be free of stubble. If the floor is not dry enough, the floor drying method is better than the heating method for ventilation. If the original floor tiles are not removed, the floor is laid directly. The distance between the door and the floor should be preserved when decorating. In general, the bottom of an 8 mm commercial flooring door should be 15 mm ≤ 16 mm from the floor, while the bottom of a 12 mm flooring door should be on the floor.