Analysis of PVC flooring construction methods



1. All interior decoration work (including painting) should not be carried out before the floor tiles have been laid, unless they have been protected by a suitable cover to prevent them from being contaminated or damaged.

2. Floor tiles should not be exposed to rain or direct sunlight and should be placed flat in a place with a room temperature of 20°C or above.

3、 The floor or the newly paved cement floor must wait for completely dry before construction, generally need more than 30 days, such as good ventilation, also need more than 3 weeks, cement floor must be done with the correct ratio 1:3 powder light, powder light about 3 days before stepping on.

4, special attention: floor tile construction should be surveyed before the ground, moisture content in the following 40% before construction, 40%-60% for special ground, it is advisable to test pave a small area to confirm before construction, more than 60% when not construction. One or two pieces of floor tiles can be placed flat on the ground, 6-12 hours later to see if there is moisture on the back of the floor for testing.

5、 Before construction, the ground must be cleaned, if there are unevenness or other undesirable places, should be ground or paved flat, when the ground is seriously sandy, should be repainted.

6、 According to the building to set the benchmark ink line, find out the centre point, and then use the angle ruler to measure 90° to find out the vertical bisecting line, and then use the ink bucket to pop out the benchmark line.

7, apply floor glue should be along the centre of the datum line as the starting point, to the four sides of the datum line in one side to start with the tooth-shaped steel scraper knife (teeth to be dense and shallow) to apply water-based glue, about 20-30 minutes to lay the floor tile, its application area with the amount of about 60 minutes to be able to paste out as appropriate, should strive to apply evenly, and water-based glue is a semi-pressure-sensitive glue, paste only need to be on the floor tile Add pressure can be.

8, water-based glue coated, wait for its moisture slightly evaporated (about 20 minutes), to touch the hand does not stick to the principle, that is, start from the centre point along the benchmark line one by one laying of floor tiles, laying when the floor tiles should be aligned, placed from top to bottom, and in each piece of floor tiles around the light pressure, so that each piece and the ground coincide.

9, water-based glue from the seam extrusion overflow, please immediately use a wet cloth to stick in the floor glue wipe clean, if you can not immediately wipe clean, and so on after drying is more difficult to deal with, please pay special attention. (If the environment allows you to use petrol or thinner to scrub)

10、When finishing around the edge, place the floor tile on one of the completed floor tiles, so that the two tiles match completely, then take another floor tile as a fixed gauge, with one side close to the wall, cut the opposite side along its edge with a hobby knife, then break it along the cutting line and lay it on the floor of the wall.

11、When the construction around the edge is completed, the cut pieces must be cleaned up, and then rolled along the line with a roller to make the edges of the unmatched floor tiles match flat, and then wipe clean with a damp cloth, and when there is still sticky dirt after some, please use a small amount of pine perfume or decontamination oil to remove it carefully, and then wipe clean with water.

12、After completion of the paving, remove all stains and use acrylic resin wax to maintain the surface to keep the floor tiles bright.

13, daily cleaning, with water mopping clean can, in order to maintain the surface of the floor tile bright, to regular waxing, about 2-3 times a month use acrylic resin maintenance, can always keep the floor tile bright as new.

Floor tile simple cleaning maintenance methods.

1, first all the stains on the floor tile clean, if there is glue or sticky dirt, available neutral cleaner and 3M red gourd cloth carefully and gently grinding off.

2、 Splash the floor cleaner (please follow the instructions) on the floor tiles, use a waxing machine to grind off the dirt on the floor tiles, use a dry mop to mop up the dirty water, and then wipe the floor clean with water (if there is no waxing machine, use other tools instead, and carefully grind off the dirt).

3、 Wait for the floor to dry, then pour the water-based wax onto a clean dry mop and apply the wax evenly to the floor tiles.

4, after waxing about 20 minutes, let the surface of the floor tile dry, wait for dry before you can step on it, you can use electric fan to blow, shorten the time, according to experience, after waxing about 8 hours to completely dry, such as heavy objects to move must wait for the wax to completely dry before moving, so you can keep the floor tile bright and shiny.