PVC flooring vs WPC



PVC flooring and WPC advantages and disadvantages introduced.

PVC flooring installation and construction is very fast, without cement mortar, the ground conditions are good with special environmental protection binder bonding, but the construction base requirements are high.WPC flooring installation is simple, convenient construction, does not require a special complicated construction process, which largely saves installation time and costs.

WPC flooring has good fire resistance and can be effectively flame retardant, with a fire rating of B1, self-extinguishing in case of fire, and does not produce any toxic gases.

The wood-plastic composite WPC flooring is a high-performance, high value-added new composite material generated from wood as the main raw material, after appropriate treatment to make it and various plastics through different composite methods. pvc flooring is not a natural material, it refers to the use of polyvinyl chloride material production of flooring. Specifically, it is produced from polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, with the addition of auxiliary materials, on a continuous substrate in sheet form, by a coating process or by a calendering, extrusion or extrusion process.