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Small and Medium-Sized Flooring Enterprises Market Shortage Brand Management is Not Mature

Small and Medium-Sized Flooring Enterprises Market Shortage Brand Management is Not Mature

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  As far as the current situation is concerned, the brand's significance to consumers is no longer comparable. Flooring brands have gradually become competitive advantages in the flooring industry. As far as the current situation of the flooring industry is concerned, there are still many problems in the brand building of small and medium-sized floor companies. The reason for this is that managers do not pay attention to long-term development interests, they do not understand the brand clearly, and the brand building behavior is ambiguous.
  Floor brand positioning is blurred
  Many Chinese companies lack understanding of consumer demand in their brand development strategy. Today, after 80 and 90, consumers are brand consumers, and managers understand how much this is. Therefore, the company's brand positioning is out of line with the company's core capabilities. It cannot plan brand positioning and differentiated brand strategies based on its own core capabilities. The company's brand building has also failed to effectively integrate with the company's core competitiveness, resulting in the loss of brand development. Dislocation, resulting in slow growth of corporate brand value, corporate development frustrated.
  Floor brand setting value is not outstanding
Due to the lack of analysis of consumers, the competition for floor homogenization will exist for a long time, which is one of the important reasons for the current oversupply situation of many similar products in the Chinese market. Relevant state ministries and commissions have investigated a variety of major consumer products, covering a variety of industries including consumer electronics, clothing, food, daily chemical, and office. The results show that there are almost no goods in short supply, and there are 172 types of goods that basically balance supply and demand. , accounting for 28.7%, 428 kinds of goods oversupply, accounting for 71.3%.
Floor brand management model
The brand management model of Western flooring companies has been accumulated over hundreds of years of brand operation practices. There are many places worth learning and learning from. However, each country’s brand has distinctive national and regional characteristics. At the same time, excellent brands have cultural genes and are rooted in the country’s humanistic geography, social culture, and ethnic personality. Today, many Chinese flooring companies do not start from their own characteristics, blindly learn and imitate the brand building model of Western companies, and lack the brand building ideas with Chinese corporate characteristics and resource advantages.
Floor brand meaning is determined by the consumer's cognitive and emotional interactions. In other words, the success of the brand depends on whether the value provided by the brand can meet the individual needs of consumers.